i heart new york

so proud of my spiritual home state. alternative title: taste the rainbow

special thanks to blue rooster for the gift of neon and to my gay-married friends for letting me borrow their cake server.


my very handsome, charming, and brilliant husband, who i am so grateful i was allowed to marry (in the great state of new york) adds: “Lady Liberty and her longtime, blind-folded girlfriend Justice are getting married.”

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  1. The World’s Tiniest Rainbow Wedding Cake | Foodbeast Says:

    [...] the Internet. The food world was no exception, with one of our all-time favorite food artists Jessica Hlavac creating what can with almost 99.99% certainty be classified as the world’s tiniest rainbow [...]

  2. judy Says:


  3. Joanna Says:

    I love love love you blog! I write about tiny, wonderful things (www.tinywonderful.wordpress.com). I’d love to post some of your photos and link to your site. Is that OK?

  4. jessica Says:

    thank you! and of course you can post my stuff! xo

  5. Maria Says:

    Please post more videos of how you make these foods!

  6. jessica Says:

    i will soon! my ‘real’ life has taken over lately. also, even though you can definitely learn a lot from my videos, i always leave a few steps out. i truly just intend them to be for entertainment and not necessarily ‘tutorials’. that said, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. you can comment on a post or email me anytime. xo

  7. Skye Says:

    I LOVE this tiny rainbow cake….I was wondering where you were located and if you took orders. I am recently engaged and would absolutely LOVE to serve these tiny rainbow cakes at our wedding. Are the two top tiers also rainbow colored? Or just the biggest bottom one? You are so talented and I find myself in awe of this image.

  8. jessica Says:

    hi skye!

    the good news is: you have just given me the highest possible compliment. THANK YOU!!
    the bad news is: it’s not a real cake.

    sorry! all my work on this site is tiny, tiny fake food. i make it all out of clay!

    good luck in your cake pursuits- i am sure if you call a good local bakery, they will be able to hook you up.


  9. Skye Says:

    Ok, so I jumped the gun in the previous email…I think now after browsing your site, that this is not a real edible cake….in that case, do you ship orders, because they can still make great decorations for a wedding.

  10. jessica Says:

    ha! yes-

    if you have a budget and and idea, shoot me an email: imsotiny (at) gmail dot com


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