peep show

easter candy is the best holiday candy there is. if you disagree, your mouth is broken.

did you ever wonder how peeps were made? oh, yes? then let me show you:

mad genius bonus hour:

i got an email from jon at enjou chocolat the other day, complimenting my work. this was very exciting because i have long dreamt of being willy wonka someday, and also because flattery works wonders on me. he asked if i might give a go at making a tiny version of his… are you ready? CHOCOLATE DIPPED PEEPS.

that is some goddamn taking the sunrise and sprinkling it with dew action right there.

if you wanted to actually try some of these you can buy them here. to see my version (tooth cracking, unsatisfying) click here.


7 Responses to “peep show

  1. Ade Says:

    Love it Jess!!!

  2. Your Mother Says:

    Oh, peeps. Bunny peeps. Funny. Best aged in box with part of the plastic wrap off, for two weeks. Chewy.

  3. Vicki Says:

    they look so cute and cozy in their little chocolate blanket

  4. sarah Says:

    “that is some goddamn taking the sunrise and sprinkling it with dew action right there.” that LITERALLY made me guffaw out loud. hilarious.

  5. jon dugan Says:

    thanks so much. they really are like gilding the lily! haha. have a great spring and hope to work again sometime! :)

  6. Unknown Says:

    what song is that? it’s adorable :3

  7. jessica Says:

    oh my god, isn’t the the BEST? i found it here: http://blog.wfmu.org/freeform/2008/06/russian-cartoon.html (2nd mp3 link down)

    i wanted something that sounded like a russian cartoon from the 60′s, and i found it! i was so excited, i never get tired of hearing it. i don’t know who is singing it, but i think it’s about little red riding hood.


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