that’s amore

well it has been a very big month here in i’m-so-tiny-land. my tacos were featured in the pictures of the day (and pictures of the week!) in the daily telegraph, which made me feel ever so humble and international. then, a whole gallery and write up was in the new york daily news, which pretty much blew my mind.

in honor of reaching 1,000 facebook fans (mind blown, again), i gave two calendars away, one on facebook and one on twitter. the winners were teresa, a librarian in california; and anjen, a scientist at northwestern. see, really smart people know its good to always know what day it is! anjen was even kind enough to include a picture of the calendar hung up in the safest space in the lab!

but you are not here for all that news are you? no. you are here for the food.


(click to embiggen)

i feel bad i didn’t get to film it, so i will show you this picture of my workspace midway through:

yeah… i am not quite as neat when no one is watching.


ps-here’s a pizza video that is not at all scary or amazing.

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